The Fat has to Go, Fast & Far

Posted on: June 5, 2012

Girls and diets probably go back as far as Adam and Eve. I can’t really recall a time I didn’t feel self-conscious about my weight. When it came to dieting, however, I have always been a slacker. Apart from one diet (where I lost about 15kg in 5 months) I was always way too lazy about dieting and way too fond about chocolate to really “do the diet thing”, preferring to enjoy life and feel a little bit self-conscious. However, 2 years A.D. (after diet) it’s time to go back into the dieting world. A year of school and 6 months of consulting (aka no time for sport and a solid 3 big meals a day) have added 7kg which need to go again. Also, now I have the chance of jumping the bandwagon since a couple of my colleagues entered a dieting contest. While I am not fond of contests (you loose a lot very fast but losing is one and keeping the weight off an entirely different thing), I intend to swim on the wave of weight loss and keep the weight off long-term.

Whilst I don’t intend to share my weight with anyone, I will share my thoughts, acts, successes and failures with you in the coming weeks.

Obviously, I haven’t started to diet just today but it has been growing over the last couple of weeks (fuelled also by the fact that some of my summer clothes don’t properly fit anymore). So, what have I done so far:

  1. Bought a pink scale (oh my gosh, am not a big fan of weighting myself, it always tells truths I don’t really want to know). But then, it’s pink 🙂
  2. Decreased my coffee intake. Whilst coffee isn’t a bad thing, I tend to drink it with plenty of milk (or even worse cream) and often also with flavor – hello there calories, lovely to see you again! I am trying to swap to green tea for most of the coffees, though there are a few coffees I can’t and won’t replace: Monday morning (getting up at 4.45am to catch my flight to Dresden, no way I make that day completely sans coffee!) and Friday morning (at the train station, a great start to the last working day of the week).
  3. Replaced sweets by fruits. Well, obviously I still have the odd piece of chocolate or some ice cream but I try to eat fruits whenever I feel like chocolate.
  4. Portion size. One of my biggest problems has always been portion size. I am one of those people whose eyes are bigger than their stomach and since I spent quite a lot of time with my grandparents when growing up that tendency is mixed with the urge to “always clear my plate”. I am actively working on both these tendencies since I’d generally say that I am eating healthy but just too much in many cases.

Aims for the next 2 weeks:

  1. Be more diligent with counting calories. I lost my weight last time with this method and I assume that with my type of personality (uhm, control freak?) that is the way to go forward again. I am already entering now and then but I need to get more diligent again.
  2. Sport, sport, sport. Right now my running shoes are torn and I am having a nasty cough so running was out of the question for this weekend. Next however I need to buy new shoes (I know, great sacrifice to buy shoes) and get back on track. Also, I intend to check out a few Pilates places in Cologne (an maybe even get my health insurance pay some of it, that’d be sweet!) to build up some muscles.
  3. Lose my first kg.

I will check in back again soon, to let you know how my first 2 weeks worked out and whether of not I stuck to my plans.

If any of you has any good weight loss tips, let me know!!!


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