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Posted on: June 12, 2012

One point of my list was my aim to write an article and possibly get it published. After talks with my mentor from work (who coincidentally is also in charge of “knowledge management” in my company and hence is used to work on publications) I am happy to announce that I am now working on an idea about how the procurement dept. perceives itself and is perceived by its suppliers. I hope to expand this into an international context, rather than focusing overly on the German market as I feel that the international context raises a whole different set of (cultural) challenges that are associated with the (self-) perception. An added bonus here is that it fits in way better into my former studies, which always we geared towards an international context.

While I am nowhere close to actually starting to write it’s fun to get back to researching a specific topic and as a by-product learning more about the field of work I am in. At work I (still) just tend to go through the motions without really thinking overly about the great picture, developing my article, I am forced to think about the context and the big picture. Hence, right now I am reading all procurement books I can find, added with re-reading my old Operations, Ethics and Global Strategy Books. If any of you has any suggestions on good books I should add to my list, let me know!


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The List

1. Learn how to keep a garden alive - IN PROGRESS
2. Write an article (and possibly publish it if I am able to) - IN PROGRESS
3. Do volunteering I: Read stories on a regular basis to little kids
4. Do volunteering II: Not sure what yet, maybe soup kitchen?
5. Visit Stockholm - IN PROGRESS
6. Visit India - IN PROGRESS
7. Visit Lisbon - IN PROGRESS
8. Do a Sightseeing-tour of Cologne - DONE!
9. Sew a skirt
10. Run a half-marathon
11. Renovate (or at least assist) a flat - DONE!
12. Actually stick to writing this blog - IN PROGRESS

Get a perm - FAIL

Completed: 2/12
In Progress: 6/12
Pending: 4/12

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