Posted on: June 9, 2012

As mentioned already in my last post my grandma passed away. It’s weird really, how little I really tend to know about my grandparents even though I would argue that I spent quite some time with them when they were still alive. I tried to ask them questions about their life, the 3rd Reich (ok, granted, never got any real answers out of them on that one) and everything else that they might have told me. All in all they always told the same stories. Granted, all my grandparents had already been in their 70s or 80s when I came along so I never had those young grandparents that took me on shopping trips or holidays as so many other grandparents of my friends did. Still, I loved them and am lucky to have many fond memories of each of them.

Looking back my grandfathers have always been the greater focus points. Especially my paternal grandfather was such a charming person, you just couldn’t help loving and admiring him and I often wish I were a little bit more like him. Talking to my parents however, it seems that my grandmothers were actually the more courageous people. They both were well-educated businesswomen and certainly ahead of their times in many ways. My grandmother that just died was bitter and really difficult in her last years but in her youth she was quite the successful business woman in Germany, emigrated to the UK, fell in love with my grandfather and became, again, a successful business woman, who actually earned more than my grandfather (might be normal now but I assume this was quite an achievement in the 1950s, especially for a German born female in the UK (remember, the Brits weren’t too find of the Germans after WW2 ;-))). Whilst my grandmother wasn’t the warm and motherly type, she provided financially for her family, survived a major car crash (more bones broken than still intact) and craved out a life for herself outside of the strict boundaries of her home village. While I certainly don’t want to end as bitter and lonely as she was in the end I have to admire her courage and willpower. From her example I strive to learn that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.

RIP Gramma, you shall be missed but may your legacy live on!


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