Working down the list – NOT (today)

Posted on: June 3, 2012

Crappy, crappy weather! Today was supposed to be THE day for the city tour of Cologne. Doing a city tour shouldn’t be a tough thing to do one might think. Well, it actually is when there is torrential rain pouring down heavens gates since last evening. While in theory I could still board a bus and see the city, I actually want to enjoy it and not get soaking wet. Hence, I will try again next weekend and just hope for better weather.

However, I don’t want to leave you without at least a first glimpse of my hometown (pics are from last summer, but the city pretty much still looks the same):

To not waste the day, I at least make good on my intention to keep on blogging. So far I have lined up 3 posts (in addition to this one!) already with intentions to do another two or three so you will be entertained until I find time again to sit down and “blog my heart out” 🙂

With that, I hope you are having better weather wherever around the globe you are!


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The List

1. Learn how to keep a garden alive - IN PROGRESS
2. Write an article (and possibly publish it if I am able to) - IN PROGRESS
3. Do volunteering I: Read stories on a regular basis to little kids
4. Do volunteering II: Not sure what yet, maybe soup kitchen?
5. Visit Stockholm - IN PROGRESS
6. Visit India - IN PROGRESS
7. Visit Lisbon - IN PROGRESS
8. Do a Sightseeing-tour of Cologne - DONE!
9. Sew a skirt
10. Run a half-marathon
11. Renovate (or at least assist) a flat - DONE!
12. Actually stick to writing this blog - IN PROGRESS

Get a perm - FAIL

Completed: 2/12
In Progress: 6/12
Pending: 4/12

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