…and some more updates…

Posted on: April 12, 2012

Since I have updated on the flat and the garden I figured I give shorter updates on the other endeavors I have been working so far:


1. India


Flights are booked! I will be off to India the last 2 weeks of November. Together with my sis I will first head to Mumbai to visit the lovely Nausheen, do some sightseeing and just experience incredible India. From Mumbai we will head up to Delhi to see Rashi get married and hopefully see lots of the “Indians” (guys, you better be there!). So far it sounds like a small Hult reunion is coming up! Gosh, am counting down the days!


2. Volunteering

Nothing new really – the agency never called back so I need to develop a new strategy to find something I might enjoy volunteering for.


3. Writing an article

Am working together with my work mentor on an idea. More on that later 🙂


4. Stockholm

Still working on dates and flights that work. Definitely the next flight I will book!


5. City Tour of Cologne

Originally planned to do it this weekend but with the abysmal weather this weekend I had to postpone it. Come the next nice weekend I soooo will be in this bus and learn all there is to know about my hometown!


Until then!


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The List

1. Learn how to keep a garden alive - IN PROGRESS
2. Write an article (and possibly publish it if I am able to) - IN PROGRESS
3. Do volunteering I: Read stories on a regular basis to little kids
4. Do volunteering II: Not sure what yet, maybe soup kitchen?
5. Visit Stockholm - IN PROGRESS
6. Visit India - IN PROGRESS
7. Visit Lisbon - IN PROGRESS
8. Do a Sightseeing-tour of Cologne - DONE!
9. Sew a skirt
10. Run a half-marathon
11. Renovate (or at least assist) a flat - DONE!
12. Actually stick to writing this blog - IN PROGRESS

Get a perm - FAIL

Completed: 2/12
In Progress: 6/12
Pending: 4/12

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