Update on the Flat

Posted on: April 9, 2012

Sooo, I finally found my camera and hence there are no more excuses for me not to post J

After long, long hours of renovating, countless trips to IKEA, decoration stores and the German version of home depot I managed to move into my new flat in late February. Though the flat, of course, is still not 100% done, it feels more and more homely week by week.

Well, let’s work our way room by room:



When you walk in that’s what you see:


I decided to keep the furniture, as the wardrobe is really beautiful and provides sufficient storage space for all my coats, jackets, bags, shoes (ok, probably won’t be sufficient, still it’s already quite full and not all my stuff has moved “down” yet.). But still, it’s pretty. Same goes for the shoecupoard, which is pretty useless for storing shoes but makes a nice desk for my lava lamp. The pics of course got changed and give the whole space a funkier atmosphere (if I say so myself), obviously the lava lamp helps here, too.




From the entryway you head straight into the kitchen. A side board was added above the stove and my cupcake hangers and the vintage clock fit just right in. The eating space got redone with a picture wall (to be continued, still hunting for more frames!) and new rose chairs replace the worn down chairs.

From the kitchen you can get into the garden, but this will be a post all of its own J



Living room


The couch/TV-area and the “formal dining room” switched places so that I have a little bit more light when hanging at the couch and less when formal dining. Frankly, works for me as I definitely spend more time on the couch than at the dinner table. A couch-table and some other antiques I inherited now complement my old white couch. I am planning to re-paint some of the antiques, but am not quite settled yet on the colors and frankly, it might be a shame painting them… Still need to make my mind up here…

The “dining” area holds all my books, porcelain and crystal cups (trust me, there are a lot of them – my two grans seemed to have a fable for porcelain and well, seems I inherited it J If however someone has a hint as to where I might be able to sell “mothers days plates” I will be eternally grateful!



The bath was renovated only a few years ago, so apart from some paint and adding a chandelier (yep, you read correctly!) nothing much was to do (plus it’s so tiny, there wasn’t really a lot of space to make any changes to begin with).




The bedroom got a pinkish wall to contrast the white toilet table. A new bed was added and tada we have a new bedroom. I decided to keep the old wardrobe – a new might be added at some point of time, but for now it works allright.


So, there you have it. That’s how I live right now. Hope you enjoyed the little tour!


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