2011 & The Idea

Posted on: January 5, 2012

Hi there,

so, after a pretty damn awesome 2011, 2012 promises to be exciting but will be hard pressed to beat all the memories, fun and incredible experience I was lucky to make in 2011.

You may wonder what exactly made 2011 so amazing:

  • Living in London, Boston and Cologne
  • Finishing my MBA and starting a new Job
  • Being THE German amongst THE Indians and South Americans
  • A visit to Shanghai with Maya
  • Seeing long lost friends again and making plenty of new friends all around the world
  • Being truly international
  • Hult Global Case Challenge and other projects
  • Sailing in Boston
  • Lingo’s
  • “My Pub” in London
  • The Portuguese aka Vampi 😉
  • Living for 3 months with my best friends
  • Skydiving

You see, it’s a hard to beat list 😉

Hence, to set myself some goals and to give 2012 a reasonable chance of living up to 2011, I am intending to do at least 12 things I always aimed to do, but somehow never managed to do or never mustered the courage to do it. (Admittedly, I stole the original idea of “12” from my sister (I aimed to make New Years resolutions like to lose a couple of kg’s, eat more healthily & a bunch of things that will go into “The List” anyways) – thanks Eli!)

So, follow me on the journey of 2012!


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The List

1. Learn how to keep a garden alive - IN PROGRESS
2. Write an article (and possibly publish it if I am able to) - IN PROGRESS
3. Do volunteering I: Read stories on a regular basis to little kids
4. Do volunteering II: Not sure what yet, maybe soup kitchen?
5. Visit Stockholm - IN PROGRESS
6. Visit India - IN PROGRESS
7. Visit Lisbon - IN PROGRESS
8. Do a Sightseeing-tour of Cologne - DONE!
9. Sew a skirt
10. Run a half-marathon
11. Renovate (or at least assist) a flat - DONE!
12. Actually stick to writing this blog - IN PROGRESS

Get a perm - FAIL

Completed: 2/12
In Progress: 6/12
Pending: 4/12

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